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Facilitating Encounters with Christ with Nicole Vallance - Episode #164

• 16 min

Nicole Valance, Founder of Connected with Nicole, is a passionate leader driven by the Great Commission to reach people for Christ. Through her work as a keynote speaker, executive leadership coach, and consultant, Nicole empowers business organizations to achieve leadership growth and fulfillment. However, her ultimate goal is to facilitate encounters with Christ, particularly within the business community, helping individuals experience healing, deliverance, and a deeper connection with God. "In This Episode" Section: 00:00 - Intro: Nicole and Mike Henry, host of the Follower of One podcast, introduce themselves and discuss how they connected through LinkedIn. 01:24 - How Nicole got Connected with Mike: Nicole shares how she reached out to Mike after listening to his podcast and resonating with his mission to help Christians live out their faith in their everyday lives. 02:26 - Encounters Retreats: Nicole explains the purpose and format of her Encounters Retreats, which are designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to encounter God's presence, experience healing, and connect with others on a deeper level. 06:36 - How did Nicole get started: Nicole shares her journey from working in vocational ministry to becoming involved in organizational coaching and consulting. She emphasizes that her mission remains the same—to fulfill the Great Commission—but her methods have changed to accommodate the needs of the business community. 09:55 - How to live out your faith each day: Nicole offers practical advice for Christians who want to live out their faith in their daily lives. She encourages listeners to identify three people in their lives who don't know Christ and pray for them consistently. She also suggests inviting people to coffee or lunch to build relationships and share their faith in a natural and loving way. Summary: In this inspiring interview, Nicole Valance shares her passion for reaching the business community for Christ and facilitating encounters with God. She emphasizes the importance of personal experiences with God and provides practical tips for Christians on how to share their faith in a loving and authentic way. How to Connect with Nicole: You can connect with Nicole Valance and learn more about her work through her website,, or on LinkedIn. She also invites listeners to attend her upcoming Encounters Retreats, which are held throughout the year in various locations.

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