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Follower of One : Missions For The Rest Of Us

Mike Henry Sr.



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Empowering Faithful Living and Future Goals | Vision Cast | Follower of One

• 18 min

Celebrating Seven Years of Follower of One: Progress and Vision Join Mike Henry Sr. with Follower of One as he shares the progress and vision of their online community ministry. Recording on April 1st, Mike recaps the journey since becoming a #nonprofit in 2017, emphasizing practical faith integration and recent activities like the #marketplace #missiontrip . He encourages listeners to pray, support, and engage with the ministry to mobilize the body of Christ further. Mike also highlights future goals, including increasing church participation and continuing to enable believers to live out their faith daily. 00:00 Welcome to the Vision Cast! 00:31 Celebrating Progress and Milestones 01:32 The Journey of Follower of One 04:00 Impact and Feedback: The Ministry Mindset Challenge 04:49 The Power of Support: Donations and Volunteerism 06:26 Expanding the Mission: Marketplace Mission Trips 08:48 Future Goals and Community Engagement 10:40 A Call to Action: Mobilizing for Ministry 16:57 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude

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