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What if I Stumble? | Follower of One

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In Matthew 18.7, Jesus warns us about the consequences of causing offenses, or "woe to that person by whom the offense comes." This verse serves as a sobering reminder of our responsibility to maintain harmony and unity within the body of Christ. The world is filled with offenses that distract us from God's purpose for our lives. These stumbling blocks can take various forms, including arguments, slander, gossip, or any action that hinders a brother or sister in their walk with Christ. When we harbor offenses or spread negativity, we become obstacles to others and bring ourselves under the condemnation of God. Jesus calls us to be gentle, humble, and authentic, like little children. By setting aside our pride and personal grievances, we can resolve offenses and create a conducive environment for faith to grow. In Romans 12:18, we are instructed to "live at peace with all men, so far as it depends on you." The goal of every follower of Christ should be to serve others, as Jesus himself did. When we lay down our own rights and desires to uplift and support those around us, we minimize the potential for offenses. Let us strive to be peacemakers and bridge-builders rather than stumbling blocks. As an organization dedicated to integrating faith into work, Follower of One recognizes the importance of fostering a positive and encouraging work environment. Our five daily habits – praying for others, expressing appreciation, knowing what we believe, serving others, and speaking for ourselves – are designed to promote unity and prevent offenses. By embodying these principles, followers of one can become catalysts for a transformative work culture. Remember, "woe to that person by whom the offense comes." Let us choose to be intentional about avoiding offenses and work towards creating a world where the love of Christ unites us all. of this world are temporary, but the consequences of our actions are eternal. Let us strive to be humble, gentle, and forgiving, reflecting the character of Christ and creating a world where love and unity prevail.  #offense #humility #authenticity #servingothers #gospel #gospelofmathew #followerofone  

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