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The Business of Prayer with Greg Frost - Episode #161

• 22 min

In this episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike Henry hosted Greg Frost, the driving force behind The Well Exchange. Their conversation unveiled the remarkable journey and mission of The Well Exchange, centered on fusing faith with organizational development. Greg Frost, in this compelling dialogue, shared the evolution of The Well Exchange, providing insights into the unique blend of faith and business strategies at the heart of their operations.   Greg Frost is the founder and guiding visionary behind The Well Exchange. His journey into establishing the organization stemmed from personal experiences, including rapid life changes such as marriage, relocation, and a series of transitions within a short span of time. His resilience and reliance on the support of a nurturing community, particularly older women engaged in intercession at their church, laid the foundation for The Well Exchange's inception six years ago.   It's not just about prayer – it's about investing time and unwavering commitment to foster a kingdom culture within businesses. Greg's narrative vividly showcased the pivotal role of intercession, coaching, inner healing, and prophetic revelation in transforming organizations. It's an approach that sparks curiosity and the desire to delve deeper into this captivating fusion of faith and business. In this Episode: Foundational Experiences: Rapid life changes led to the inception of The Well Exchange. Intercession and Business Fusion: The integration of faith into business strategies. Developing a Kingdom Culture: Nurturing an organizational environment centered on peace, joy, and righteousness. How to Get Connected: Visit The Well Exchange's Website: Explore their unique blend of services and free resources. Connect with Greg Frost: Engage with the visionary behind The Well Exchange. Podcast Resource: Access the episode to dive deeper into faith-centered business strategies.

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