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Prioritize What Matters with Jason Davis - Episode #160

• 27 min

In this podcast, Mike Henry from Follower of One interviews Jason Davis  @thefortifiedlife  , the founder of Jericho Force Enterprises. Jason shares his journey of moving from a scarcity mindset to a mindset of stewardship and abundance, aligning his financial approach with God's principles. The conversation explores how faith can be integrated into the business world, the importance of taking the next step in sharing one's faith, and the impact of faith in various industries. Jason also discusses his upcoming projects and his podcast, "The Fortified Life," aimed at helping Christian professionals integrate their faith into their work. In this episode: (0:27)Starting Jericho Force Enterprises to provide financial coaching and assistance.  (8:10) Writing the book "Fortify: Being Rooted in God's Plan for Work and Business." (12:51)The Profit Blueprint ebook (15:03)Upcoming projects, including a devotional book and speaking engagements. (17:00)Jason's podcast, "The Fortified Life," helping Christian professionals integrate faith into work. (22:01)The role of Follower of One marketplace mission trips in empowering individuals to engage with their faith in the workplace. Jericho Force Enterprises: The Fortified Life Podcast: Jericho Force Enterprises Blog: Jason Davis Linktree:

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