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1101 The Son Gives Life - John 5:21

• 4 min

In this video, we explore the concept of giving life in the context of following Jesus. We delve into John 5:21, where Jesus declares his authority to grant life to whomever he chooses, just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life. We reflect on the idea that people who do not follow Jesus are not necessarily "lost" or "dead" in a negative sense, but rather separated from true life and separated from Jesus, who is the source of life. We emphasize the significance of helping others discover Jesus and experience eternal life through him. By living transparently and openly following Christ, we can be a blessing to others and share the message of Jesus, helping them to see what life is like following him. We encourage viewers to start their day by declaring, "Here I am, Jesus, what do you want me to do today?" This act of surrender to Jesus' will marks the beginning of a journey of following him and enjoying eternal life. By being a blessing to others and sharing the message of Jesus, we can help others experience the transformative power of following Christ.

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