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870 Value Vs. Wealth - James 2:5

• 5 min

What do you set out to do each day? James 2:5 Listen my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him? (ESV) God doesn't work on the same economic principles we tend to choose. We think if we had more money, things would be better. We can get very busy building wealth. We talk about it quite a bit. Most of the world seems to be chasing it. Even in the faith at work world, much conversation is about how Christians can run their businesses better. But when we use the term "better," or when we try to measure "success," what are we measuring? Do we measure money, influence, ease, our ability to do what we want? I don't think any of those measures are important to God in the least. If we create kingdom value, we're laying up treasure in heaven. What's important to God and how can we produce more of that? We have a new commandment according to Jesus, to love God and love people. Today, let's ask God to give us his values. He can show us what we should measure. He will guide us if we'll ask and wait for his answer. And we must act. If we get an answer from God, but it's not what we wanted to hear, are we willing to move? Why not join a community of people who are trying to create eternal value, treasure in heaven, rather than wealth here on earth. Join us at so we can all help one another remember scripture like this. Let's challenge one another to love the people around us and that will create value here on earth and in eternity, too.

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