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828 Ambassadors Of Christ Part 1 - 2 Corinthians 5:17

• 5 min

What does it take to become an ambassador of Christ. What is an ambassador anyway?   An ambassador represents the king or the ruler. We represent the King of the universe. Do you ever consider what that means?   First, let's talk about what has to happen before we become ambassadors. Step one is we must become new creatures. When we trust Jesus, he makes us new. Our old motives are gone. Our drive begins to switch to being motivated by God. Romans 6:4 says we are buried with Jesus in baptism. Our old self is dead.   We become a new creature. Are you a new creature? We all struggle. But are you winning more? Do you see the new life and enjoy it or are you still fighting the legalistic battle of rules and do's and don'ts?   Let's make sure first of all that we're new creatures. Are you following Jesus? Are the old things passing away? Or have you let some things hang on? Ask God to show those to you. Get them out of your life so you can step into the role of an ambassador.   Also, consider joining a community of people who are trying to grow as ambassadors for Jesus. Check out our online community at

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