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827 God's Promise For Us - 1 Peter 5:10

• 5 min

Do you notice what causes you to throw in the towel?   We discovered yesterday that battling the devil isn't avoiding failure. We battle the devil when we love others. Whether we fail or succeed, we will suffer, and struggle. We live in a fallen world. We can get all wrapped up in our own situations and our circumstances.   But in the end, God will perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish us. We see the promise in this verse. God wins. Jesus will himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish us. We resist the devil and persist through the suffering and we will enjoy our relationship with Jesus.   The promise can help me hold on, but often I do better when I focus on something instead of focusing on not doing something. I can't focus on resisting the devil. I need to focus on loving others. I must come up with a positive action. I can't stop doing something nearly as easily as I can focus on doing something else. When I focus on loving others and serving them, I step into this command. I put this command into action.   Today, find ways to appreciate and serve others. It will take you out of the death spiral that the devil uses to try and drag you down. The devil wants you out of the game. When we can focus on loving others, we can experience this promise.   Don't forget, too. We have a matching grant. If you appreciate this podcast, please consider a monthly gift. Every new dollar you donate will be matched by our generous partner. Head over to to give a gift. Thanks very much.  

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