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820 Avoid Trouble and Gossip - Proverbs 16:28

• 5 min

What are you for? And what are you against?   The NASB says a perverse man spreads strife. Other translations call this person dishonest, contrary. The Message calls this person a troublemaker. "Troublemakers start fights; gossips break up friendships.   At work, would you be called a troublemaker? Are you contrary? I think of a perverse person as someone who is against things. As Christ-followers, I hope we're known for being for people. I confess that's not always the case for me. In some situations I can get defensive and selfish. But the more I can focus on who God is, as we discussed when we were talking about Proverbs 16:20, the more I can be "for" others.   Perverse means obstinate, difficult, against, contrary. Let's be for the people we work with. Let's ask Jesus today to help us make a positive difference. Everyone around us wants to succeed. Let's do what we can to help them succeed eternally. Sometimes that means we need to live differently. Are you praying for your coworkers? Ask God to show you what he would have you do to bless the people you work with. He will do it. And you will be blessed.   Please also consider sharing this podcast with one friend. Remember, what we do because we follow Jesus can matter forever. Let's not just go through the motions of our life, waiting to get someplace else. Let's be the kind of person who blesses others simply because we follow Jesus.  

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