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816 Walk Humbly - Micah 6:8

• 5 min

What does God ask of his followers?   Do justice: Do you ever notice how the argument about what's right or not only exists at the fringes? Often, we argue about how Government should behave or how others should behave. Could it be that "do justice" simply means to do what we know to be right? What's best for others? Often we have a pretty good and common idea. Would you say you "do justice?"   Love kindness (or mercy): Do you lean toward the things that are kind? I often find myself focused only on myself. I think that's the opposite of this word. Can you love kindness? Can you make it something that comes from who you are?   Walk humbly - Have a correct understanding of things. There's only one piece of the world you can manage, you. Remember God manages the rest. When we're busy managing us, we're looking for ways to give our lives away. We've been called to be a living sacrifice. This should move us toward humility. We belong to God, not the other way around. Let's remember how wrong we can be and ask God to direct us as we bless others so they might see him.   Do you have the guts to pray for humility? It's scary. Ask God to guide you and give you humility. He will use us.

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