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814 The Record of Debt - Colossians 2:14

• 5 min

Are you in debt? Have you ever been?   We don't want to make light of debt. If you're in debt, know we pray for our listeners. We prayed particularly for this podcast because of this question. Debt can be a heavy burden. Imagine owing an amount of money that you can never repay. Take a moment and feel the pressure.   Now imagine being freed from that debt. This passage reminds us our record of debt has been cancelled. The record of our debt was nailed to the cross. Christ paid our bill.   So now that we've been set free from our record of debt, how can we live? Do we live for ourselves. Do we just shake our heads at people who are still in the burden of debt? Or do we tell them about what happened for us?   In the developed parts of our world today, we're more sophisticated. We can't often just tell them. People don't want to admit they're in debt or that they don't know the answers. We must be more subtle. We must live like free people and let others decide if they want to join us. Our record of debt is gone. Let's be on the lookout for others who suffer under the burden of their sin. Let's get ahead in our work today so we can be interrupted by a coworker or a customer who's having trouble. If we're not rushed, we have time to be the people we really want to be.   Please also consider making a year end contribution to Follower of One. We have a matching grant. We have a partner who will match any new gift to Follower of One dollar for dollar. Please consider doubling your gift by making a contribution over and above what you've previously given. As we mobilize more Christ-followers, your gift will be multiplied even further. Head over to to make an online contribution. Or contact me at if you would prefer to partner with us in another way.  

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