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Following God When You Can’t See the Future with Teresa Tanner #125

• 13 min

Today on the Follower of One podcast, Mike Henry sits down with Teresa Tanner. Teresa Tanner is the owner and CEO of Reserve Squad, which according to the Reserve Squad website, was created “to finally create systems where women have the resources they need to thrive both in their career and at home; to remove the paradox of choice between caregiver or career. And, to help organizations achieve success both culturally and financially.”   In today's episode, Mike and Teresa talk about Teresa’s company Reserve Squad, what inspired Teresa to start Reserve Squad, following God even when you can’t see the future, how Teresa came to Christ, and trusting God on the path He has you.   Outline of the Episode 0:29 – About Reserve Squad 1:38 – How Teresa came up with the idea of Reserve Squad 5:21 – How Teresa came to Christ 7:23 – Trusting God on the path He has you   Trusting God on the path He has you on It’s so easy for us to think we have it all together. But, as Christians, we are called to follow Christ in everything we do, and sometimes He will lead us somewhere we don’t know. We are called to put all of our trust in Him. God will always provide for us when we are following His path for us, so put all your trust in Him, and He will always provide.   Follow Teresa Tanner LinkedIn Reserve Squad   Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app!

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