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Cost of Acquisition and Can I Get a Higher Rate of Return? | BYOB Book Review 14

• 27 min

The Cost of Acquisition can dictate a lot of our decisions in business. The liquidity of having cash on hand can often make or break an opportunity for us. So how do you find the optimal vehicle for wealth that creates returns that offset the cost of acquisition? Joey and Russ talk about the importance of control in investing. They explain that most people’s money doesn’t reside in a place that they can easily access. As a result, they end up making decisions because they HAVE to not because they WANT to. The guys then explain why retraining our mindset to investing in life insurance policies allows us to see the freedom that we can attain that would be impossible with a traditional 401k or IRA fund. This episode helps highlight why we have to look at liquidity in our investments and that the cost of acquisition is often more about the limitations of our money than the amount.

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