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Where to Go If the Dollar Crashes with Dana Samuelson

• 27 min

Where should you put your money to hedge against inflation? People believe that investing in gold has many benefits and can protect your investment in the long run. Everyone depends on gold when other assets do not offer stability. For this reason, you can see a steep price hike in gold whenever the global equity markets are turbulent. Another advantage of choosing gold is that the rates are stable worldwide, and you will get your money's worth anywhere you trade gold. But do you need complex financial knowledge to invest in this asset? Let's find out in today's episode with Russ, Joey, and their guest, Dana Samuelson. Top three things you will learn:  Why you should consider investing in goldThe best ways to store goldWhere to go to get more knowledge about owning and trading gold About Our Guest: Since the 1980s, Dana Samuelson has seen over a billion dollars worth of gold transactions and founded the world-renowned American Gold Exchange Incorporated, a leading national precious metals and rare coin company specializing in dealer-to-dealer trading and direct sales to the public. Connect with Dana Samuelson: Website - Live Events Change Lives: Promo Code: PODCAST Free Financial Strategy Call: Apply to Join the Passive Income Mastermind: Join the Community: Turn Active Income Into Passive Income:  Take the Financial Freedom Analyzer: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Know Your Investor DNA: Invest with The Land Geek: Invest with Your Friends and Family: a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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