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$100M Entrepreneurial Framework with Aaron Shumaker

• 35 min

How do you know if your business idea is good? Is it better to start a business from scratch or buy an existing business? In this episode, Russ and Joey discuss these things with Aaron Shumaker, who began his journey volunteering on his college campus. Years later, he founded two successful businesses and sold his startup for a massive sum. Today, he shares his $100M Entrepreneurial Framework and the lessons he learned. So if you're interested in starting a business or becoming a better entrepreneur and investor, this episode is for you.  Top 3 Things You’ll Learn: How to become a better entrepreneur and investorExploring entrepreneurial ideas and turning them into realityHow to know when to sell your business and what to do after that About Our Guest: Aaron Shumaker is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and business mentor. He is the Founder & Managing Partner at Q9 Ventures and the Founder & Chairman at Frontpoint (exit to Private Equity).  Connect with Aaron Shumaker: Instagram - Unconventional Acquisitions: Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast: Buying Online Businesses for Profit with Sophie Howard: Inner Circle LIVE 2023: August 25-27, 2023 Promo Code: PODCAST Free Financial Strategy Call: Join the Community: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Turn Active Income Into Passive Income:  Take the Financial Freedom Analyzer: Apply to Join the Passive Income Mastermind: —

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