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Investing in Mortgage Notes: Step by Step to Passive Income with Robert Hytha

• 39 min

Mortgage note investing is one of the most profitable real estate investment strategies available. When you understand how it works, it can be an incredible vehicle for building passive income, yet it is less popular with investors.  In this episode, Russ, Joey, and their guest, Robert Hytha of FIXnotes, will explore the world of mortgage notes and how to invest in them. The rates of return in mortgage notes investment are higher than the banks' traditional low-yield bonds and higher than most stock dividends. Top three things you will learn:  -Why investing in mortgage notes is a good investment -How to find good deals  -How to make money with mortgage notes About Our Guest: Robert Hytha is the founder of FIXnotes, a company that helps investors source and buy real estate-secured assets at pennies on the dollar and earn double-digit yields with ZERO property management by investing in mortgage notes.  Connect with Robert Hytha: -Website - Wealth Without Wall Street New Book: Free Financial Freedom Discovery Call: Apply to Join the Passive Income Mastermind: Join the Community: Turn Active Income Into Passive Income:  Take the Financial Freedom Analyzer: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Know Your Investor DNA: Invest with The Land Geek: Invest with Your Friends and Family: —

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