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Secrets That Investors Won’t Tell You With Sharran Srivatsaa and Mark Podolsky

• 37 min

Who would you ask for advice if you want to feel better educated about investing and business and increase your odds of getting great investment results? How do you access the secrets investors won't usually tell you? Today's episode takes you behind the scenes of a private conversation between Russ and Joey and two of their trusted friends and business partners, Sharran Srivatsaa and Mark Podolsky. It's your chance to learn what experienced investors know so you can use the same insights in your investing journey.  Top 3 Things You’ll Learn: The secrets most investors don't always shareWhat the secrets mean to everyday investorsHow to partner with people and why it's better to invest with a group instead of going solo About Our Guests: Sharran Srivatsaa is the President of Real (NASDAQ: REAX), the world's fastest-growing, publicly-traded real estate brokerage. He is also a 4x Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, investor, and mentor to top CEOs & influencers. Sharran is also an accomplished “deal guy” and private equity investor. He is the Chairman of private equity firm Highland Prime, which focuses on investing in service businesses, and ARC Multifamily Group, which focuses on value-add multifamily investment projects. Mark Podolsky (a.k.a. The Land Geek) has been buying and selling raw land full-time since 2001. He is the author of Dirt Rich, the ultimate guide to helping you build a passive income model in raw land investing. Mark's passion for investing in land, creating wealth efficiently, and helping others develop their inner geeky entrepreneur has led him to do two things he never expected to do: hosting a podcast and coaching and mentoring a growing community.  Connect with Guests: Sharran Srivatsaa - Podolsky - The Passive Income Retreat: Invest With Your Tribe: Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash: Free Financial Strategy Call: Join the Community: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Turn Active Income Into Passive Income:  p...

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