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How to Start a Vending Machine Business, Cost, Tips, How Much You Make with Michael Hoffmann

• 35 min

Did you know that vending machines are an often overlooked but extremely powerful passive income source? If you haven't considered investing in vending machines, Michael Hoffmann is here to convince you why you should.  Join Russ, Joey, and Michael as they discuss how to start a vending machine business with minimal capital, the cost and profit margins, how to stock them, how to find an ideal location, how to hire an operator, and almost everything you need to know about this opportunity. Top three things you will learn:  -How to start a vending machine business -Choosing the best location for your vending machines -How much you can make from vending machines About Our Guest: Michael Hoffmann's journey to passive income started while working a 60-hour week job that paid him only $1,200/month. He then began experimenting with short-term rentals and several other income streams. One of those income streams quickly became his favorite: vending machines. He now offers a course to teach others how to build passive income with vending machines.  Connect with Michael Hoffmann: -Website - Join Our Next Inner Circle Live Event: Promo Code: PODCAST Free IBCA or Financial Freedom Discovery Calls: IBC Webinar: Wealth Without Wall Street New Book: Apply to Join the Passive Income Mastermind: Join the Community: Turn Active Income Into Passive Income:  Take the Financial Freedom Analyzer: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Know Your Investor DNA: Invest with The Land Geek: a href=""...

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