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Teaching Kids About Money With Scott Donnell

• 37 min

As a parent, you naturally want your kids to become ready to face the world. You strive to raise responsible and successful individuals. One of the skills they have to learn is financial responsibility. However, schools do not have it in their curriculum. So it is your responsibility to start teaching your children about money at home. The earlier they learn financial literacy, the greater the long-term impact.  Parents have their way of enforcing financial responsibility on their children, like assigning homework or chores in exchange for money. However, there is a more effective way to teach kids about money, and that's what Scott Donnell will teach you in today's episode.  Top three things you will learn:  The 3 E’s in the Home Economy (Expectations, Expenses, Extra Pay Opportunities)The difference between being an entrepreneur and being entrepreneurialHow to teach your kids about value creation About Our Guest: Scott Donnell is the co-author of Value Creation Kid: The Healthy Struggles Your Children Need to Succeed. He established Apex Leadership Co, Hapbee Technologies, and the GravyStack™ banking app for kids and families. Since 2011, his companies have taught leadership, fitness, and financial competency to over 6 million kids nationwide. Scott lives in Phoenix with his wife, Amy, and their four kids. Connect with Scott Donnell: Instagram - Join the Next Inner Circle Virtual Event April 4-6, 2024 Promo Code: PODCAST Free Financial Strategy Call: Apply to Join the Passive Income Mastermind: Join the Community: Turn Active Income Into Passive Income:  Take the Financial Freedom Analyzer: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Know Your Investor DNA: Invest with The Land Geek: p...

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