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Round Table | How Do I Start IBC?

• 48 min

You finance everything you buy. The only question is how you pay for it. Do you borrow money from someone else? Do you save money to buy the item and lose the potential earnings from that money if you had invested it?  What if there's a better way to finance your purchases and still benefit from the interest your money would have earned in a tax-favorable account you can control? That's exactly what IBC can do for you. The basic idea behind the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is for you to take more control over the financing and banking functions in your everyday life. But how do you start IBC, and what makes it a better tool for financial freedom? In today's conversation, Russ and the financial freedom coaches discuss the following topics about IBC: -How does IBC benefit you compared to other financial tools? -What makes IBC a better tool for building passive income? -What can you do with IBC? Tune in and discover how you can benefit from this infinitely fantastic financial tool.  Wealth Without Wall Street New Book: Free IBCA or Financial Freedom Discovery Calls: Join Our Next Inner Circle Event Promo Code: PODCAST Turn Active Income Into Passive Income: Find Out How Close You Are to Financial Freedom: Join the Wealth Without Wall Street Community: Discover Your Path to Financial Freedom: Join the Passive Income MasterMind: The Land Geek: Invest With Your Friends and Family: Know Your Investor DNA: The Infinite Banking Concept Explained by a CFP: --- Want to go even deeper into the conversation? Join our IBC Inner Circle Group membership and gain access to...

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