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Callum McKirdy on neurodiversity and harnessing our collective difference

• 51 min

We're talking about neurodiversity.   This is an episode I know you are going to love because I am joined by my good friend Callum McKirdy to talk all about harnessing our collective difference. He believes that we spend too much time trying to be the same and converge in our work teams, yet our point-of-difference is in where we diverge. Today I call him to explore some of his journey and what we can be doing to leverage the essence of each person in order to harness our collective differences.   Callum McKirdy is a speaker, author, mentor and facilitator specialising in workplace dynamics and behaviour. Over a 22-year career in and around the HR profession across Australasia, he assists leaders and teams to develop radically authentic workplaces by leveraging their uniqueness. Proudly dyslexic and ADHD-positive, Callum champions organisations to think differently about different thinking, and views the neurodivergent staff in every workplace as the innovative super workforce of the future.   Connect With Callum Follow Callum on LinkedIn at Learn more about Callum at Follow Callum's on Instagram: Listen to Callum's Podcast You, Me & ADHD:   Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at  Follow me on Twitter at  Reach out and email me at 

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