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Dermot Crowley on leading productive teams.

• 44 min

Today on the podcast, we're diving back into the art of productivity. Dermot Crowley is a returning favourite, a man who's been in the trenches of productivity for over 25 years. He's not just about quick fixes but about building sustainable productivity systems that stand the test of time. Today’s podcast explores the kind of productivity that doesn't just chase deadlines but chases greatness and how leaders can create a balance that allows us, and our teams, to thrive, to focus on what we love, and to find a rhythm that brings out the best in us all. Dermot will share his holistic approach to productivity that aligns personal and organisational goals, helping leaders navigate their team through a sea of tasks and emerge with a clear vision for success. Answering the question of: What if we could lead in a way that's not just about doing more, but about doing better — and in a way that lasts? So, whether you've been pondering how to reduce stress and anxiety for your team, or how to find that sweet spot of work-life balance, Dermot's insights will give you the tools to shift from being busy to being impactful.   Connect With Dermot Connect with Dermot on LinkedIn at Get Lead Smart: How to Build and Lead Highly Productive Teams from Learn more about Dermot at   Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at Follow me on Twitter at Reach out and email me at

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