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Cam Fink on how to be less sh*t on camera

• 49 min

We’re talking about how to be less shit on camera. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have any big issues holding a conversation with another person. But if that other person is holding a camera up to your face, then maybe it’s not so easy. With the rise in AI platforms transforming the way we deliver written messaging, video is how we build trust, increase visibility and connect in a truly human way. But to do that, we have to learn how to get better at how we show up on camera. And here to talk about that is Cam Fink. If a bunch of people are happy together, Cam would like to be there. If they’re talking about interesting things and getting excited, even better. If they need help being happy and excited, Cam would DEFINITELY like to be there. He also likes helping people bring out their best selves on camera. Drawing on decades behind the camera - and a pandemic in front of it - Cam knows exactly how to bring out your best when showing up on video. Connect With Cam Connect with Cam on LinkedIn at Learn more about Cam and the Be Less Shit on Camera Course at Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at Follow me on Twitter at Reach out and email me at

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