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Dr Selena Fisk on using data to lead positive change and transform how we lead and work every day

• 46 min

Today we are having a conversation about data. Dr Selena Fisk makes talking numbers fun and engaging and changes the view on data. Data can give us insights to transform how we lead and work every day. Selena is a data storyteller who is passionate about helping others sort through the numbers to tell the real stories and lead positive change. Data is an increasing presence in our work and home life, yet Selena recognises that this doesn't always come naturally, so she seeks to build skill in others and make the use of data less daunting. Selena mentors executives, middle managers, team leaders and employees in data storytelling, with the goal of benefitting the organisations and communities in which they work. Selena's book, 'I'm not a numbers person: How to make good decisions in a data rich world’ came out in 2022. Connect With Dr Selena Get I’m not a numbers person. How to make good decisions in a data-rich world and other resources from her website here Connect with Selena on LinkedIn at Follow Selena on Instagram Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at Follow me on Twitter at Reach out and email me at

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