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Rebecca Sutherns on the learnable skill of adaptability

• 44 min

Today on the podcast we're talking about adaptability.   After a couple of huge years of disruption you might be finding yourself feeling a little worn down from all the change. Well this podcast episode is good news for you. My guest is Dr Rebecca Sutherns who told me that it's possible for adaptability to be something that can energise rather than deplete us, and that it is a skill that any one of us can learn. Today I give her a call to chat all about how we can strengthen that muscle personally and also develop it in those we lead.   In all my travels over the years I am yet to meet a Canadian that isn't one of the kindest humans I've met. And today's guest, Dr Rebeccea Sutherns is no exception.  Rebecca is an insightful and high energy collaborative strategist and world class facilitator who has served as a trusted advisor to hundreds of mission-driven organisations, across Canada and internationally. Rebecca brings intellect, enthusiasm and varied experience in strategy development and adaptability when speaking, writing and mentoring. She is a skilled communicator, with a particular gift for helping leaders make wiser decisions faster. Rebecca is a Certified Professional Facilitator, frequent keynote speaker, and author of the books Nimble: Off Script but Still On Track - A coaching guide for responsive facilitation and Sightline: Strategic plans that gather momentum not dust.   Connect With Rebecca Follow Rebecca on LinkedIn at Follow along with Rebecca's Twitter: Learn more about Rebecca at Read Recbecca's Blog here Find out more about Rebecca's books at   Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at  Follow me on Twitter at  Reach out and email me at 

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