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Cam Greenwood on pioneering and walking the unconventional path

• 43 min

We're talking about pioneering.   The status quo is far from the life we were created to live. That's what today's guest Cam Greenwood believes and is here to talk all about. Cam is a remarkable young entrepreneur that I have had the privilege of knowing for the last 6 or so years. I've watched him navigate the highs and lows of business and admire him as someone who refuses to give up when he gets knocked down. That grit and determination to keep walking the unconventional path has resulted in great success for his business Zorali which he has built alongside his wife Elise. Zorali is an Australian outdoor brand that's on a mission to get the world outside and today we're going to take a look behind the scenes of the journey.   Cam Greenwood is the co-founder (alongside his wife, Elise) and chief pioneer of Zorali. Cam’s adventurous spirit has attracted an abundance of attention and he is recognised as one of Australia's most creative entrepreneurs under the age of 30 - being featured on Smart Company's ‘Smart 30 Under 30’ list.   His passion for encouraging people to expand their thinking has also led him to share his unique view of the world across Australia & beyond on many different stages and forums.   For Cam, life is an adventure. An invisible path even more exhilarating than the most breathtaking of hikes. And as long as there are more corners to explore, Cam will keep seeking what's around the next one.   Ultimately, Cam’s goal is to inspire people to believe that all things are possible when you actively engage in a life driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.   Connect With Cam Follow Cam and Zorali on Instagram: and Learn more about Zorali at Join the Zorali Outdoor Club Facebook group:   Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at  Follow me on Twitter at  Reach out and email me at 

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