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Oscar Trimboli on what it means to listen beyond the words

• 44 min

We’re talking all about listening (Oh the irony) It’s been said that we evaluate our ability to listen much like we evaluate our ability to drive a car. We grossly over estimate our skills. To help us discover what it means to listen deeply I’m joined by the leading expert in this space, Oscar Trimboli. Oscar is an author, host of the Apple award-winning podcast Deep Listening and a sought-after keynote speaker. He is passionate about using the gift of listening to bring positive change in homes, workplaces and cultures around the world. Through his work with chairs, boards of directors and executive teams in local, regional and global organisations, Oscar has experienced firsthand the transformational impact leaders and organisations can have when they listen beyond the words. He believes that leadership teams need to focus their attention and their listening on building organisations that have impact and create powerful legacies for the people they serve – today and, more importantly, for future generations. Oscar is a marketing and technology industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience across general management, sales, marketing and operations for Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Polycom, Professional Advantage and Vodafone. Connect With Oscar Follow Oscar on LinkedIn at  Learn more about Oscar at  Check out Oscar's award winning podcast 'Deep Listening' at  Take the listening quiz at  Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at  Follow me on Twitter at  Reach out and email me at   

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