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Kim Kaupe on positioning and showing up more intentionally online

• 42 min

We’re kicking off season 05 with a bang with the incredible Kim Kaupe joining me to talk about showing up more intentionally online. Kim told me that people can NO you before they KNOW you because of how we show up online. I give her a call to talk about what we need to know about positioning ourselves in this globally connected society we live in. In January 2020 at age 34 Kim kicked off a tour with Oprah while juggling clients like Paul McCartney, The NY Mets, Ace Comic Con & Shawn Mendes. In those 9 years she learned how to go from zero clients to Oprah, no one knowing who she was to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and not knowing what an LLC was to securing offers from 4 out of 5 sharks on Shark Tank. Kim describers herself as an accidental entrepreneur and now works with executives & future leaders to harness their voice & image to expand their network. She dusts off the ordinary to reveal the extraordinary in her clients whose perceived value in the workplace does not match the actual value they bring to the table. Connect With Kim Follow Kim on LinkedIn at  Learn more about Kim at  Go to for help with your LinkedIn or visit  Connect With Shane Connect with me on LinkedIn at Learn more about what I do and sign up for my newsletter at Follow me on Instagram at  Follow me on Twitter at  Reach out and email me at     

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