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Frans Johansson on the power of diversity to drive innovation.

• 51 min

We're Talking About Innovation.  My guest is Frans Johansson bestselling author of The Medici Effect. This book is an innovation classic released by the Harvard Business School Press that explores why the most powerful innovation happens at the “Intersection,” where ideas and concepts from diverse industries, cultures, and disciplines collide. Available in 21 languages, The Medici Effect has become the definitive book on diversity driving innovation, influencing numerous fields and disciplines such as architecture, design, economic development, education, entrepreneurship, and investing. Frans told me that diversity is a key driver of innovation success. So today I give him a call to talk all about it Frans Johansson is the founder and CEO of The Medici Group. His ideas around leadership, innovation, and diversity have inspired audiences worldwide, while his practical insights have empowered thousands to take action. The Medici Group is a solutions firm that helps companies accelerate their innovation and growth by leveraging diversity. By breaking down silos and leveraging diverse talent, we enable organisations to move faster, unleash growth, and transform their culture. Over the past 14 years The Medici Group has worked with over 4,000 global teams from 40% of the fortune 100 companies.  Connect With Frans Follow Frans on LinkedIn at  Learn more Frans and The Medici Group at and  Get your copy of The Medici Effect ay  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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