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Luke Mathers on the good side of stress

• 53 min

We're Talking About Stress  Trigger Warning: this episode briefly discusses issues around mental health, depression and suicide. My guest is speaker, coach and author Luke Mathers and he told me that stress can be a good thing, even a superpower if we don't let it stick to us.  Today I give him a call to explore how we can lead ourselves better in the area of stress.  Luke is the author of Stress Teflon, and 28 years in business have taught him that stress isn’t going away any time soon. If you want to have better health, relationships and success, you need to get good at stress. As one of the original directors of Specsavers in Australia, Luke was part of the biggest retail roll-out in Australia’s history. 100 stores in 100 days. His practice was the biggest in the country and set global records that were previously unheard of. Luke retired for the first time at age 31. After transforming his UK Specsavers practice (increasing turnover 350% in just three years) Luke returned to Australia to relax and put his feet up. It wasn't long before he realised he missed something....STRESS! Helping people become Stress Teflon and to RESET Stress is his mission. Through his keynote speeches, workshops and coaching he helps people turn threats into challenges. As the book says “it’s good being you when stress doesn’t stick.” Connect With Luke Follow Luke on LinkedIn at  Learn more Lukes work and connect at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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