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Ciara Lancaster on leading yourself out of lockdown

• 47 min

We're talking about self-leadership.   As restrictions around the world ease and we venture forward into this new world of work, it can be tempting to look to others to lead us out of lockdown. My guest on the podcast this week is Australian author and global speaker Ciara Lancaster and she told me that we have some personal responsibility when it comes to leading ourselves out of lockdown.   Today I'm giving her a call to explore how to do just that.   Ciara Lancaster is Australia's female keynote speaker and bestselling author dedicated to helping you transform your team from change fatigued to change fearless.   Ciara's thought-provoking, keynote speaking content explores the connections between resilience building, change management and self-leadership success strategies.   She says that human skills are THE competitive advantage in the decade of disruption, the post-pandemic world and the future of work.   As a former Change Manager at Deloitte Australia, she combines stories, science and simple strategies from the stage to inspire a future-ready mindset reset.   Most importantly, in a world dominated by celebrity, Ciara brings authenticity, vulnerability and relatedness that the audience comments on time and time again.   She's the author of Reimagine Change: Escape change fatigue, build resilience and awaken your creative brilliance.   Connect with Ciara Connect with Ciara on LinkedIn: Learn more about inviting Ciara to speak and her book at:  Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.  

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