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Gayle Smerdon PhD on focus and the value of doing one thing deep

• 40 min

We're talking about focus.   My guest is speaker and author is "Do One Thing Deep" Gayle Smerdon PhD, and as the title suggests she is advocate for businesses and individuals choosing one thing and doing it deep.   Today I'm giving her a call to find out why!   Gayle Smerdon, PhD is a writer, researcher and speaker on learning, leading and organisational culture.   Gayle's message is simple and practical. Stop wasting time, money and the goodwill of your employees by - trying to do too much and overwhelming your people - doing nothing and frustrating them or - doing things that don't make a difference and disengaging them.   By focusing attention on ONE THING that matters she believes that leaders can harness and direct the collective energy in our workplaces on creating something meaningful - which is good for business and their people.   Gayle currently runs a practice in Melbourne where she coaches curious and committed learners, and helps to build amazing teams and workplaces.   Connect with Gayle Website: Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.

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