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Phone Calls With Clever People

Shane Michael Hatton



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Suz Chadwick on thinking bigger, living bolder and making a real impact.

• 43 min

We're talking about what it means to be Bold! And who better to join me than bold branding & small business coach and my good friend Suz Chadwick.  Suz and I crossed paths for the first time in a 'clubhouse' conversation (for those who don't know clubhouse was an audio hangout app that rose to popularity in the early months of 2021 - that fell just as quickly) and i immediately knew I had to get her as a guest on the podcast.  She deeply believes that real impact comes from being bold. A South African born, Australian raised, Gorman wearing, 80s tunes blasting, thrill-seeking woman who loves to jump out of planes and dive off cliffs – neither of which she sees as heart pumping as running a business Besides being an in-demand speaker and podcast aficionado, she loves working with savvy women to help them become bold and powerful voices in their industry and claim their space with confidence. Connect with Suz Instagram -  Linkedin -  Learn more about Suz's work as a speaker and bold business coach at    Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.

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