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Shane Michael Hatton



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Chris Freeman on the value of wisdom when creating a life by design.

• 41 min

We're having a conversation about wisdom.   As we navigate life & leadership we probably all feel like we could use a little more wisdom in our decisions. But where and who do you turn to in order to find it?   Most people have many specialists around them: Solicitor, Bank or Finance Broker, Stock Broker, Health Practitioner, Accountant, Insurance Broker. But helps you oversee the work of all these specialist professionals?   My guest is head coach of Design a Decade, Chris Freeman and he told me that when it comes to creating a life by design, we're often using outdated wisdom, trying to plan our life around retirement at 65. And he says that's the wrong number.   Today I give him a call to explore why and how we can get wisdom to create a life by design.   Chris is an expert in how to design lifestyle and financial wealth in a decade. He loves to seek out and pass on knowledge, understanding and wisdom; creating opportunity for everyday people to balance lifestyle and financial wealth in a trusted environment of Personal and Professional relationships.   Chris's journey has taught him that don’t live long enough to make all the mistakes, recover from them and THEN put that experience to setting up our future. So we need to find people to tun to that have already walked the journey.   Connect with Chris and learn more about Design a Decade at - and   Connect With Shane Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.

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