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Phone Calls With Clever People

Shane Michael Hatton



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A conversation between Shane Hatton and Janine Garner on leadership, curiosity, creativity and communication

• 45 min

We're doing something a little different.  I’ve been fortunate to have some really clever conversations with people over the last few seasons and one of those clever guests is my good friend (and friend of the show) Janine Garner. Earlier this week Janine turned the tables and invited me to join her for a clever conversation that we livestreamed together. I personally enjoyed it so much that I reached out to her and asked for the recording to share it here with you. We talk all things leadership, curiosity, creativity and learning. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did.  Janine is a bestselling author and expert in helping leaders and companies to unlock brilliant performance. Through true collaboration, strategic networking and leadership acceleration workshops and programs, Janines knows what it takes to unlock the brilliance in your teams and leaders. Connect with Janine LinkedIn Learn more about Janine at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at visit to learn more about his work or email 

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