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Dr Jenny Brockis on helping ourselves and our team thrive and avoid burnout

• 41 min

We're Talking About Burnout My guest is Dr Jenny Brockis and she told me that burnout is something that can often sneak up on people we identify as being the most resilient. The good news is that it is preventable. I give her a call to learn more about what it takes to help ourselves and our team thrive and avoid burnout. Dr Jenny Brockis is an expert in the science of high-performance thinking, creating thriving teams and leaders through improving brain health and wellbeing. How often do you feel stressed, under pressure, unable to think straight and groggy in the morning? As an award-winning speaker, facilitator and trained medical practitioner, Dr Jenny can help you understand why you think and act the way you do, and then implement science-backed behaviour change so you can make distractions, foggy thinking and mental roadblocks a thing of the past. Connect with Dr Jenny at  LinkedIn Website  Learn more about the thriving mind academy at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.

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