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Colin D Ellis on building culture and re-energising the workforce

• 42 min

We're Talking About Re-Energising  There’s no doubt the last 12months has taken its toll on the workforce, but as we begin to remobilise and adapt to different ways of working CULTURE remains a crucial part of reenergising the workforce. And who better to talk about culture than the author of Culture Hacks and Culture fix himself Colin D Ellis.  Colin has more than 20 years experience building and leading teams in public and private sector organisations helping people to be their best selves and bring that to work each day so today I give him a call to talk about what he’s noticing in this space.  Colin is known for delivering speeches and programs around the world that inspire and motivate individuals to become role models for others and to provide organisations with the skills to build cultures of success.  Whether it's the way that projects are delivered, how teams work together or how to change the DNA of an organisation Colin has a unique blend or energy, humour and practical information to make change easy. Connect with Colin at  LinkedIn Website  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at or visit to learn more about his work.

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