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Shane Michael Hatton



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Jim Collison on using job crafting as a tool to retain your top talent.

• 41 min

We're Talking Job Crafting What is Job Crafting I hear you ask? Jim Collison is my guest on the show and he described it as taking what you're best at those skills and talents and experiences and then pointing them to unique problems in an organisation that need to be solved.  Is this the way forward for the emerging workforce retaining top talent? I give him a call to discuss.  Jim is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Gallup’s Omaha, Nebraska office and responsible for bringing together a global community of over 10,000 coaches as the CliftonStrengths Community Manager. Jim has a voice that's recognisable in the Gallup community as the host Gallup's Called to Coach and Theme Thursday Webcasts.   Follow Jim on LinkedIn at  Learn more about Gallup and CliftonStrengths at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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