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Conor O'Malley on flexible working and the importance of trust

• 43 min

We're Talking Flexible Working More and more I am having conversations with leaders right in the middle of the discussion around returning to the office. What does the new world of work look like? And what sits at the heart of flexible working?  My guest is executive and author Conor O’Malley and he told me that TRUST is at the heart of going back to the office. I give him a call to explore why.  Conor O’Malley is an executive coach for leaders who want to learn, be more effective leaders of their business, their team and in society. He has been referred to as “The CEO’s caddy” with a wealth of experience operating and coaching in the C-Suite and is the author of the newly released book “Trust – Begins and Ends With Self” Follow Conor on LinkedIn at  Learn more about Conor and his work at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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