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Phone Calls With Clever People

Shane Michael Hatton



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Lisa O'Neill on energy, beliefs and making the world better by becoming better

• 46 min

We're Talking Energy  The kind of energy that enables us to take responsibility for the things that make us better. I'm joined by my very clever friend and someone I deeply admire Lisa O’Neill. From a career in fashion and television to being a mum of four, Lisa has her feet on the ground. With refreshing directness, Lisa is passionate that we should all get to live the best version of ourselves. She has written five books on how to do exactly that. ‘Look Gorgeous Be Happy’, ‘Juggling in High Heels’, ’The Lickable Third’, '100 Questions to Self Awareness and 'Everything You Want'. Lisa one of my favourite people and is sure to leave you feeling energised and ready to change the way you think about life. She recently told me that “energy is everything”. I give her a call to explore why. Follow Lisa on LinkedIn at  Learn more about Lisa and her work at Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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