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Rachel Callander on using language to shape more safe, connected and empowering landscapes

• 38 min

We're Talking Language Today’s guest is my good friend Rachel Callander. She says that ‘our language shapes our landscape’. Rachel’s late daughter Evie, was born with a very rare chromosomal condition and during the two and a half years of her life, Rachel learnt a lot about the use of language in the health system, and she has spent the subsequent years continuing to explore the impact and implications of how it is used both to positive and negative effect. She is a TedX presenter, speaker, trainer and award winning artist. She is also the author of two books - Super PowerBaby Project and Super Power Kids which are books that celebrate the lives and abilities of children with a range of disabilities and conditions.  I give her a call to explore how we as leaders can use language to create more safe, connected and empowering landscapes for those we lead. Follow Rachel on LinkedIn at  Learn more about Rachel and her work at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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