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Georgia Murch on embracing the flaws that make us who we are and becoming flawsome

• 37 min

We're Talking flawsome. What’s flawsome I hear you ask? My guest on the podcast is author Georgia Murch and she says that Flawsome is not just making peace with your flaws but in knowing that without them, you would not be you. As one of Australia's leading experts in designing feedback cultures for teams and organisations, Georgia has learned that the foundation to the relationships we have with each other - is the one that we have with ourselves. And that it all starts with the feedback we give ourselves. Today I give her a call to find out how we can embrace the flaw that make us who we are and become more flawsome. Follow Georgia on LinkedIn at  Get a your copy of her new book 'Flawsome - The journey to being whole is learning to be holey' at Subscribe to her blog at  Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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