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Phone Calls With Clever People

Shane Michael Hatton



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Zoë Routh on the power of perspective to help us see more and lead better

• 38 min

We're Talking Perspective. My guest is the very clever Zoë Routh and she is the author of a great new book called 'People Stuff - Beyond Personality Problems'. Zoë is a leadership expert who, from the wild rivers of northern Ontario to the remote regions of Australia, has spent the last thirty years showing teams how to navigate the wilderness of people stuff.  She recently told me that "perspective is power and when we can see more we can lead better". I give her a call to explore why perspective is so important for leaders and also what we can do to get more of it.  Follow Zoë on LinkedIn at and visit to learn more about her amazing work and new book. Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at  

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