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Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Black People in Horticulture with Colah from Black int he Garden

• 61 min

It's been such a joy having fellow podcasters join me in the pod as they never disappoint and have such wonderful insights about plant parenthood and plantrepreneurship. I met this episode's guest in 2020 and figured it was time to have her back on to catch up and explore a concept she’ll be tackling on the next season of her show: the past, present, and future of black people in horticulture. Colah has created an amazing brand called Black in the Garden that has blown up in the last couple of years, and created a space for so many people to feel seen within the plant community. Tune in as we share an important conversation about historic black plant people and their rich yet less discovered contributions to plant society. Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Society! The Bloom and Grow Garden Society is your one-stop shop for plant parenthood growth. When you join, you'll gain full access to the Garden Party Community Platform and App PLUS monthly plant care lectures with Horticulturist in Residence Leslie Halleck, monthly office hours with Leslie to troubleshoot your personal plant care issues and monthly Growing Joy Calls with Maria to develop our community of Society Members and explore the plant/person connection. Click here to join us! Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, so you don't miss the amazing episodes we have coming up! In this episode we learn: [00:57] Maria’s plant updates[05:30] Who is Colah and why she started her podcast, Black in the Garden[09:16] How has Colah’s plant collection changed through her personal transitions?[15:07] What it’s like to have a plant-sitter[16:52] Reevaluating the lesson of resiliency as a Black woman[19:16] Moving forward and seeking opportunities presented to you[22:04] Letting go of things that don’t bring you joy[23:11] Why Wangari Mathai is Colah’s most inspirational historic Black figure[25:26] Making the diaspora of Black people known and accessible[29:09] Where to get the best seeds for this growing season[30:45] Indoor and outdoor gardening products for people, pets, and the planet[32:30] Jerome the Gnome and Colah’s update on inclusivity in garden products[34:26] Black representation in media and podcasting[38:59] Colah shares recent recognitions for Black people in horticulture[41:51] Horticulturist Abra Lee and her mission to uncover the history of Black garden clubs and societies [46:08] Ideating and self-publishing the Black in the Garden Coloring Book[49:58] Acknowledging white privilege in horticulture[52:52] Why Colah is exploring the past, present, and future in Black in the Garden podcast[55:41] What’s next for Colah and Black in the Garden in 2022[01:00:50] How to level up your plant parent skills this year!Mentioned in our conversation: Bloom and Grow Radio YouTube video Flower Preservation UnboxingYou Grow, Gurl!: A Lush Guide to Plant Parenthood by Christopher GriffinBloom and Grow Radio podcast episode Lessons from Plants from 2021 with Beronda MontgomeryMashable’s article on Juliet Sargeant, “First female black designer in 103 years of Chelsea Flower Show wins gold”Website: Abra Lee / Conquer the SoilColah's tree planting initiative: Underground Arborist Thank you to our episode sponsors: Territorial Seed Company Excited for this year's growing season? Territorial Seed Co's got you covered with high-quality seeds and plants (over 2,000 varieties) that are tried and tested on their 75-acre farm! From Artichoke through Zucchini, they have everything you need to grow your best garden ever! And with over 40 years of experience, you know they have seeds and plants you can trust. They are offering an exclusive discount just for listeners of Bloom & Grow Radio, use code GROW10 to get 10% off your first order. Order now at Espoma Organic Espoma Organic is dedicated to making safe indoor and outdoor gardening products for people, pets, and the planet. They have an amazing variety of high-quality, organic potting mixe

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