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Growing Joy with Plants - Wellness Rooted in Nature, Houseplants, Gardening and Plant Care

Maria Failla- Happy Plant Lady and Author of Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness



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Spring Houseplant Care

• 40 min

Are you ready to give your house plants the love and care they deserve this spring? It's that time of year again where we shed our winter blues and embrace the sunshine and fresh air of a new season. And what better way to welcome the change than by spring cleaning for your plant babies? In this episode, we've got you covered with a checklist of things to do to set your plants up for success this season, while also cultivating joy and mindfulness in the process! In this episode, we learn:[02:42] What is spring cleaning for your houseplants[03:45] How the health of your plants can reflect your mental state[04:00] Spring Houseplant Care Checklist [04:09] 1. Understanding how the change in daylight affects plant care[05:09] 1.a. How to adjust watering frequency during spring[08:10] 1.b. More light equals more photosynthesis (Ensure your plants are getting enough light!)[10:18] 2. Mind your temperature (Keep your plants in a comfortable environment!)[11:20] 3. Spring cleaning![13:10] 3.a. Prune brown and yellow leaves to promote growth[16:45] 3.b. Why you need to wipe your leaves[19:30] Where can you get plant-rich meals delivered to your door?[22:22] The best place to get safe and easy-to-use gardening products for your houseplants[24:17] 4. Refresh soil if necessary[25:45] 4.a. Repot or pot up your plants[29:41] 5. Fertilize if your plant is growing[31:23] 6. Consider the pros and cons of moving plants outside in the spring[36:06] 7. Why it is important to assess your plant collection[38:18] How tending to your plants can reveal interesting parallels between them and your life Mentioned in our conversation:HygrometerHumidifiersSoltech Grow LightsLomi composterEspoma Insect ControlCurio cabinets For the full houseplant spring cleaning checklist,check our the full show notes and blog here! Thank you to our episode sponsors:SakaraMake eating healthier easier with science-backed, plant-rich nutrition programs and wellness essentials right to your door! Sakara provides ready-to-eat meals that are nutritionally designed to deliver results — from weight management and eased bloat, to boosted energy and clearer skin. Enjoy delicious meals that have a perfect balance of plants,protein and fats, while also taking control of your physical health. Get 20% off your first order when you use code "GROWINGJOY" at Espoma OrganicSpring cleaning is less complicated when you have the right products on hand! Espoma Organic is dedicated to making safe indoor and outdoor gardening products for people, pets, and the planet. They have an amazing variety of high-quality, organic potting mixes, garden soil, fertilizers, and pest control products that are organic and eco-friendly. To top it all off, they have a huge sustainability commitment with a 100% solar powered plant, zero waste manufacturing and eco-friendly packaging. Visit to find your local Espoma dealer or check my Amazon storefront. Follow Maria and Growing Joy: Order my book: Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants) by Maria Failla, Illustrated by Samantha Leung Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Party Community Platform & App AKA the plantiest and kindest corner of the internet! Get your FREE 2-week trial here! Take the Plant Parent Personality Quiz (Get the perfect plants, projects and educational resources for YOUR Lifestyle) Support Bloom and Grow Radio by becoming a Plant Friend on Patreon! Instagram: @growingjoywithmaria Tiktok: @growingjoywithmaria Subscribe to the Growing Joy Youtube channel! /growingjoywithmaria Website: Pinterest: @growingjoywithmaria Our Sponsors: * Check out Equilibria and use my code BLOOM for a great deal: * Check out HelloFresh: * Check out undefined and use my code TODAY for a great deal: undefined Advertising Inquiries:

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