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How to Care for A Lot of Plants (AKA Have a Large Plant Collection)

• 81 min

If you have 250 plants in your home, what would you do? That seems like WAY too many plants to care for, right? But for Samantha Hermann, better known as @houseplusplant on Instagram, this is her second nature. She’s my newest plant friend, and I’m so excited to have a casual conversation with her on this episode (let me know if you want more episodes like this). Samantha has been successfully keeping that many plants alive and happy for years, and I’m sure it’s a lot of work. But she’s here to share her best tips for managing a large indoor plant collection without stressing out! In this episode, we learn:[04:46] Meet Samantha, the houseplant expert with over 250+ plant babies[05:37] What happened at the recent Tropical Plant International Expo?[11:22] When did Samantha start collecting houseplants?[15:09] Grow healthy plants in any corner of your home with Soltech’s stylish grow lights[17:26] Make your houseplants happy with Espoma Organic's high-quality, premium potting mixes[21:39] Why you should try new methods/species to avoid boredom and burnout[25:30] How Samantha’s plant collection has evolved over the years[30:51] What does Samantha’s research process look like for a plant? [32:30] Why is trial and error in plant care important?[36:25] How does she take care of her plants every day?[39:24] What is her approach to controlling pests?[45:44] How does she care for her plants while she is away? (and smart home gadgets!)[51:25] Tips for maximizing your plant space through styling and organization[57:23] What are the challenges she faced having to take care of a large plant collection?[01:03:03] Why you shouldn’t let plant care become a source of stress (dark side of plant care)[01:03:59] Tips for moms on how to manage both children and plants[01:08:35] Starting her Instagram plant account[01:11:20] When did she realize that she wanted to be a full-time plant content creator?[01:14:37] Where can you find Samantha on social media? Mentioned in our conversation:Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE)Foliage FocusFoliage ProProp Drops | Market BotanyMarket Botany (@marketbotany) | TikTokMossify46th IAS Annual Show and Sale InformationCultivate'23Sol SoilsPocket Wall Planters | WallyGrowGrowing Joy Ep 219: How to Care for AlocasiasYouTube: Make Your Own Moss Pole for Indoor Climbing Plants For Samantha's simplified plant care routine,check out the full show notes and blog here!  Follow Samantha: Website Instagram YouTube TikTok Facebook Thank you to our episode sponsors:Soltech SolutionsCheck them out at and get 15% off with code "bloom15". Espoma OrganicVisit to find your local Espoma dealer or check my Amazon storefront. Follow Maria and Growing Joy: Order my book: Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants) by Maria Failla, Illustrated by Samantha Leung Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Party Community Platform & App AKA the plantiest and kindest corner of the internet! Get your FREE 2-week trial here! Take the Plant Parent Personality Quiz (Get the perfect plants, projects and educational resources for YOUR Lifestyle) Support Bloom and Grow Radio by becoming a Plant Friend on Patreon! Instagram: @growingjoywithmaria Tiktok: @growingjoywithmaria Subscribe to the Growing Joy Youtube channel! /growingjoywithmaria Website: Pinterest: @growingjoywithmaria Our Sponsors: * Check out Equilibria and use my code BLOOM for a great deal: * Check out HelloFresh: * Check out undefined and use my code TODAY for a great deal: undefined Advertising Inquiries:

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