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How to Grow Garlic

• 56 min

Garlic is a staple in so many savory dishes, but if you've only ever cooked with the sad grocery store bulbs, it's time to see garlic's true potential by growing your own. The depth of flavor and variety that homegrown garlic offers blows store-bought out of the water. Lucky for us, plant friends, growing our own garlic at home is so easy! In this episode, homesteader extraordinaire Jill Winger walks us through how to grow garlic step-by-step, select varieties, grow, harvest, and store your own garlic for a steady supply of flavorful garlic all year long. In this episode, we learn:[03:09] Garden Society shoutout[05:17] What led Jill to embrace homesteading?[07:01] Check out Jill’s blog and podcast![09:29] How Jill's garden has evolved over the years[11:23] Jill’s early years of homesteading and its long-term evolution[13:18] Why homesteading involves continuous trial and error[13:54] How long has Jill been growing garlic?[14:59] Homegrown vs. store-bought garlic[15:57] How to select the right garlic to grow[16:08] Choosing a reputable garlic seed source[17:24] Softneck vs. hardneck garlic[19:19] Where to find a wide variety of hardneck and softneck garlic for pre-order?[21:07] Where to get quality potting mix and soil for garlic growth over the winter? [24:05] What else is needed to grow garlic besides cloves?[25:37] When is the best time to plant garlic?[26:41] Why garlic is low maintenance[27:28] What steps should be taken to prepare garlic for planting?[28:32] How deep should you plant the clove under the soil?[29:21] Why garlic doesn't rot or freeze despite delayed stalk growth in winter[30:32] What’s the next step after planting garlic?[32:39] How does the harvest timing affect the taste and texture of garlic scapes and bulbs?[33:52] How do you know the garlic is ready to harvest?[35:03] How do you “cure” fresh garlic?[37:01] Tips for storing garlic for a long time[38:35] Common garlic growing issues and how to address them[39:36] Jill’s favorite garlic recipes[41:35] How did Jill’s homestead slowly evolve?[43:48] How reconnecting with nature and sustainable living creates a natural ecosystem Mentioned in our conversation:Garlic Scape Pesto RecipeHow to Braid GarlicHow to Plant GarlicHow to Braid OnionsLomi Tabletop ComposterTerritorial Seed Garden Garlic CatalogueUpcoming Book by Jill Old-Fashioned on PurposeGrowing Joy Episode 123 How To Manage Deer, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Moles, Voles And Other Animals In Your Garden With Brie The Plant Lady For a step-by-step guide on growing your own garlic,check out the full show notes and blog here! Thank you to our episode sponsors:Territorial Seed CompanyGrowing garlic for the first time does not have to be a struggle! Skip the lines at the garden center and let Territorial Seed Company deliver top-of-the-line, healthy and hardy plants right to your door. They have a great line of pre-grown plants, an expansive seed catalog, and over 40 years of experience delivering the best seeds and plants for everyone's garden. Whether you are looking for leafy veggies, flowers or edible plants in either seed or seedling form, Territorial Seed Company has your back. Get 10% off by visiting - discount applied at checkout. Espoma OrganicEnsure a thriving garden with the right products! Espoma Organic is dedicated to making safe indoor and outdoor gardening products for people, pets, and the planet. They have an amazing variety of high-quality, organic potting mixes, garden soil, fertilizers, and pest control products that are organic and eco-friendly. To top it all off, they have a huge sustainability commitment with a 100% solar powered plant, zero waste manufacturing and eco-friendly packaging. Visit to find your local Espoma dealer or check my Amazon storefront. Follow Jill: Website Podcast Instagram Twitter YouTube Follow Maria and Growing Joy: Order my book: Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happine

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