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Maria Failla- Happy Plant Lady and Author of Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness



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Cultivating Intuition with Nature

• 58 min

How can we use plants to connect with intuitive energy? If you're anything like me, simply being around plants makes you feel happier, calmer, and more like your true self. I've always felt plants have some extra special magic that goes beyond their pretty leaves. That's why I was so excited to welcome back our resident “green witch" Rachael from Our Infinite Nature (formerly Infinite Succulent—yes, she just rebranded!) on the podcast this week to talk about how plant care can open up our intuition and help us reconnect with our own inner magic! In this episode, we learn:[02:46] Infinite Succulent just rebranded to Our Infinite Nature![03:27] Check out Rachael’s Intuitive Magic Group Coaching[07:57] A little bit about Rachael’s background + certifications[08:53] When did she discover her mediumship and intuitive talent?[09:31] Reiki certification and intuitive coaching[10:53] What is intuition?[11:30] Understanding energy, spirit, and nature[12:35] Why is learning intuition similar to learning a language?[15:13] Experience mindfulness and coziness with personalized Wind River wind chimes![16:54] Make gardening easy with Tony O'Neill's Simplify Vegetable Gardening book![18:19] What is the symbiosis that happens when we get in tune with nature and with plants?[19:25] What is the importance of cultivating intuition in harmony with nature?[20:05] Impact of nervous system on intuition[21:20] Is instinct similar to intuition?[22:57] Take your Human Design personality![24:50] How can we use plants to connect with intuitive energy?[26:17] Intuition is figuring out one's next step, not predicting the future[27:36] How to recognize subtle communication with nature[30:14] Get high quality potting mixes, fertilizers, and more at Espoma Organic[33:41] It's your choice to live life through magical lens or see it as trivial[34:50] What is the role of energy in our lives?[35:56] How working with plants allowed Rachael to experience life force energy[38:34] What are some activities that can help you connect with plants and your intuition?[44:12] How to connect with a tree? (a step-by-step guide)[50:34] Where can you sign up for Rachael’s Intuitive Magic course? Mentioned in our conversation:Growing Joy Ep 209: Plant Magic: How To Be A Green WitchGrowing Joy Ep 165: Everyday Plant MagicGrowing Joy Ep 60: DIY Succulent CrownsRachael’s BooksRachael's Intuitive Magic Course: A 10-session Group CoachingHuman Design Personality Test For a closer look into magic and nature,check out the full show notes and blog here! Thank you to our episode sponsors:Wind River ChimesBring more peace, serenity, and magic into your home with chimes. Wind River is a Virginia-based company creating premium handcrafted and hand-tuned wind chimes for over 35 years. If you are looking for a new way to grow joy in your life and find a moment of peace, a Wind River chime is the perfect addition to your home or garden. Plus, it's a perfect personalized gift for your loved ones! Visit and use code GROWINGJOY to receive free engraving on all Corinthian Bells wind chimes. Quarto: Simplify Vegetable Gardening by Tony O'NeillSimplify Vegetable Gardening by Tony O'Neill of YouTube's Simplify Gardening is a plant nerd's dream: integrating botany, biology, and earth science concepts into the subject of food gardening. Read through an exciting approach that uses science to grow more food and utilizes the interconnectedness of Earth’s many systems to help your plants thrive. This book offers a deep dive into the science of growing a robust and sustainable home garden that will empower you to have your best garden yet. Pick Simplify Vegetable Gardening up at your favorite local bookstore,, Barnes & Noble,, or Espoma OrganicIf you want plants that thrive, set them up for success with high-quality soil, fertilizer, potting mix and more! Espoma Organic is dedicated to making safe indoor and outdoor

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