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How to Grow Citrus Indoors

• 58 min

Have you ever wandered through the citrus section of a nursery, inhaling the sweet scent of Meyer lemons and key limes, and thought “Oh my, I want one”? As someone who impulse purchased a struggling lime tree years ago—which I named Limey, by the way—growing citrus indoors is possible with the right care and conditions. Citrus plants can be great houseplants if you set them up for success, and they present a unique opportunity to engage all five senses! In this episode, I invited my long-lost dear friend Danny Trejo from Via Citrus to share with you everything you need to know to cultivate your own indoor citrus plant, from choosing the right variety to proper care for growth and fruiting. In this episode, we learn:[00:00] What citrus varieties has Maria grown over the years? [11:59] What is Danny's background with citrus?[15:01] Try Soltech's high-quality grow lights and get 15% off with code BLOOM15[17:23] Where can you get the best citrus soil mix and citrus tone fertilizer?[19:39] What citrus varieties does Danny recommend for beginners?[21:20] Other citrus varieties Via Citrus are growing[24:13] What conditions do citrus plants need to thrive indoors?[28:01] Grow light specifications for citrus (a crash course)[31:28] Why you should have a proper watering schedule[34:09] Soil care and drainage hole for your citrus[35:52] How often should you fertilize citrus?[37:11] How to prepare your citrus in the winter[38:37] When is the best time to prune your citrus plants?[41:40] How to increase humidity for citrus in the winter[42:53] What are some common citrus troubleshooting tips?[44:08] Can you grow citrus from seeds?[45:28] What is grafting?[49:53] How to ensure that your plant's buds develop into fruit[51:52] What exciting new sustainable pot line is Danny creating?[55:06] Where can you find Danny on social media? (use code ‘GROWINGJOY' for 10% discount!) Mentioned in our conversation:Growing Joy Ep 206 The History Of Italian Gardens And Italian Citrus With Helena AttleeGrowing Joy Ep 203 How To Bring Your Plants Indoors For The WinterYouTube video Limey’s Grand Adventure // Flying My Lime Tree To FloridaHelena Attlee’s book, The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and Its Citrus FruitWe The WildSoltech Aspect Lights CollectionEspoma Organic Citrus ToneEspoma Organic Citrus Food For a deep dive into Danny's expert citrus grower tips,check out the full show notes and blog here! Thank you to our episode sponsors:Soltech SolutionsEnsure your plants are getting enough light indoors! Soltech Solutions makes the grow lights you’ve heard me talk about for years: whether you are looking for a pendant light, track lighting, or a simple bulb to screw into any standard light fixture, Soltech has got you covered. They offer quality products with great customer service, free shipping, and a 5-year warranty. Keep the sun shining and the plants green inside your home with Soltech Solutions. Check them out at and get 15% off with code "bloom15". Espoma OrganicMake sure your plants are all set for the new season! Espoma Organic is dedicated to making safe indoor and outdoor gardening products for people, pets, and the planet. They have an amazing variety of high-quality, organic potting mixes, garden soil, fertilizers, and pest control products that are organic and eco-friendly. To top it all off, they have a huge sustainability commitment with a 100% solar powered plant, zero waste manufacturing and eco-friendly packaging. Visit to find your local Espoma dealer or check my Amazon storefront. Follow Danny: Website Instagram Repots Facebook Email Follow Maria and Growing Joy: Order my book: Growing Joy: The Plant Lover's Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants) by Maria Failla, Illustrated by Samantha Leung Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Party Community Platform & App AKA the plantiest and kindest corner of the internet! Get your FREE 2-week trial here! Take the

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